The Academic Companion Piece to The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lord Likely: Stripped Down

Hello, history-lovers!

It has been a while since I wrote anything here, and for that I apologise. Really, I do. See that look on my face? That's how sorry I am.

However, in my absence I have decided that maybe this particular blog is rather redundant. Any announcements of any great importance regarding Lord Likely are usually made upon his own blog, leaving me sitting here twiddling my thumbs, which of course makes typing anything extremely difficult. I mean, have you ever tried typing while your thumbs are frantically twiddling all over the place? It is a fruitless task, dear readers.

So, I shall be closing down this blog, to focus my energies elsewhere. BUT! Do not be sad, dear readers. I shall still occasionally pop up over on Likely's page, and besides which we have just opened up a new Likely-based community called 'The Upper Crust', where I shall be employed behind the scenes, and where I may pop up and say 'hello' once in a while.

Thank you all for reading, and for your invaluable support. And keep reading The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely, because they are about to get a lot more astonishing - if that's even possible.


- Professor Julian Syngen-Smythe,

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Listen to Likely

Good day, history lovers!

Good heavens, I am buzzing today. I think I am high, readers. HIGH ON HISTORY!

As well as discovering Lord Likely's fantastic journals, I have recently made an ALL-NEW discovery that I think will SHAKE the WORLD of HISTORY to it's very FOUNDATIONS!

Whilst visiting a car boot sale in Lower Spaffton the other day, I chanced upon a booth run by a rather wizened-looking old man, who may or may not have soiled himself. Anyway, he was selling old record players, gramophones and records.

As I flipped through his assortment of vinyl, (featuring the likes of Des O'Connor, Harry Secombe, Cliff Richard and NWA), I suddenly chanced upon something that made me literally gasp in amazement.

It was a very old record, wrapped in a blank sleeve that bore the words 'Lord Likely Recordings (1855)'. Trembling with excitement, I opened it up and seeing that it seemed to be in pretty good condition, I decided to buy it there and then.

It only cost me 25p.

Hurrying home, I dusted down the record player and put the record on.

I was delighted.

There were dozens of short recordings on the record, all done by his lordship himself, including readings from his diaries, poetry and even some music. I almost defecated with sheer joy!

Of course, I could not keep this all to myself, so I transferred the recordings to my PC, cleaned them up as best I could (although they are still a touch crackly and hissy, I must say, but then they ARE 152 years old), and then uploaded them to MySpace.

Now YOU can listen to these wonderful recordings, by clicking below:

I do hope you will be as thrilled by them as I was. If so, keep a Kleenex handy.


-Prof. Julian Syngen-Smythe, editor The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

His Lordship's Domain!

Hello, history-lovers!

With the Likely Centenary fast approaching, we thought it was high time that his lordship had his very own web address, worthy of his higher status.

So today we give you: - his very own domain, of which he is lord and master!


Feel free to update any links accordingly, although I believe the old address automatically redirects readers to the shiny new name.


- Professor Julian Syngen-Smythe, editor, The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Good day, history lovers!

Now, while I love my history, I'm not always in history mode, and sometimes I like to unwind by relaxing on my large sofa, port in hand, watching the television.

Last Thursday I watched a brand-new comedy sketch show on BBC2 called The Peter Serafinowicz Show, featuring the comic actor Peter Serafinowicz, from such televisual delights as Spaced and Look Around You, and the motion picture Shaun of the Dead.

It was an enjoyable half an hour, although two sketches in particular almost made me choke on my port. These sketches featured a rather unusual take on the character of Mr. Sherlock Holmes, depicting him as some sort of sex-crazed maniac who would routinely ravage poor Dr. Watson. Witness them by clicking below:

The Victorian setting, lewd conduct and lingering shot of a portrait of Queen Victoria put me in my mind of another lust-filled hero - our very own Lord Likely. Could it be that secretly Serafinowicz is a Likely fan? Was someone on the writing team inspired by his lordship's astonishing adventures? Or is it all just a curious coincidence?

Probably the latter. But if Lord Likely should ever make the leap from web-log to TV screen, I think we have found the man to play him. Serafinowicz is superb, don't you agree? Who would you like to see cast in a hypothetical Lord Likely television series, or movie? Tell me! Tell me now! Please.

Professor Julian Syngen-Smythe, editor of The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Likely Centenary: Coming Soon!

Hello, history lovers!

Well, today's chapter in The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely marks the NINETIETH entry in his lordship's journals thus far, meaning that ten entries from now, we shall hit the big one-zero-zero - 100.

Obviously, we feel such a milestone should be celebrated in typically spectacular style, as befitting everyone's favourite aristocratic adventurer.

But what to do, dear readers? A 'greatest hits' collection, detailing some of his lordship's finest moments? A tale from his lordship's past, such as the story about his schooldays we ran recently? Or just a mass orgy?

I am truly stumped, history lovers - so I am turning to you, my loyal readers, to help me decide. If any of the above ideas grab you, or you have another idea all of your own, then please leave a comment letting me know.

Please, help a poor professor out.

Many thanks!

- Professor Julian Syngen-Smythe, Editor of The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lounging With Lord Likely

Good day, history lovers!

Since I began transcribing Lord Likely's journals to the internet, I have been exploring ways to drive traffic to his blog, to improve the lives of internet surfers everywhere.

One means of rustling up readers is through blog directories, and two of the best of these, in my humble opinion, are MyBlogLog and Blog Catalog.

Both Lord Likely frequents both these directories, (here and here, fact fans!) and both sites are both easily within his top twenty referers. Good show, what?

MyBlogLog is excellent, and of course favoured by Ed from The Pisstakers, what with him utilizing the site for his marvelous MyBlogLog Sundays (soon to celebrate their 25th installment!) However, for my money (all seven pounds eighty-five pence of it), I have to say I prefer Blog Catalog.

Blog Catalog gets the edge due to it's excellent interactivity and added features, from it's discussion board to it's newest and most exciting feature: groups.

Groups allow members to set up a group to discuss anything at all, and invite fellow BC members over to join in various discussions. It's a great idea, and one that his Lordship has fully embraced by opening his own group, Lord Likely's Lavish Lounge. Here, members can come and chat with Lord Likely, relax and share a virtual glass of whisky. It has gotten off to a wonderful start, with topics of conversation ranging from which type of facial hair is best, to whether or not urine would make for a lovely perfume. Something for everyone, I feel!

If you have a blog, or even just love reading blogs, I recommend that you sign up to Blog Catalog immediately (it's free, and relatively painless) then you too can join the Lounge.

While you're at it, join MyBlogLog as well. It is really good. I have not tried the recently launched Blog Rush yet, and am not sure I will. Is it worth it, dear readers?

Anyway, must dash - I have to go and plump up the cushions in his lordship's lounge. See you there!

- Prof. Julian Syngen-Smythe

Oh! I almost forgot! It is Mr. Andy Fanton's birthday tomorrow! Why not pop over to his blog, i used my very best crayons, and wish him well. He does ever so much stuff for us here at Likely Towers. Well, sometimes he does. Go and say hello anyway!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tagged and Bagged

Hello, history lovers!

Well, it's been rather a busy week and a bit here at History Heights (as I am wont to calling my spacious bungalow here in sunny Spaffton-Upon-Grime), with all manner of things going on.

Fanton Menace

As regular readers may know, Mr. Andy Fanton - one of the fine fellows working on The Astonishing Adventures of Lord Likely, recently travelled up to Manchester to discuss his would-be animated series The Carrotty Kid, based on the web-comic of the same name. Things went pretty well, as far as we can tell. He hasn't hung himself in despair, which can only be a good thing. To find out more, visit his own personal blog.

Awards for Lords

Secondly, his Lordship has been awarded both the Break Out Blogger Award (courtesy of Ed at The Pisstakers) and the Bodacious Blogger Award, thanks to cutetoes. We are delighted with our shiny new awards, which will look lovely on our mantelpiece, next to my 'World's Best Teacher' mug I got back in 1983.

Fact Me Hard

His Lordship was also tagged by the lovely and excellent Olga, The Travelling Bra recently. Rather than break up the thrilling American Adventure in his lordship's journal, I thought I'd tackle the tagging over here. So: I think I'm supposed to refer to the original tagger (done, lovely) and now reveal 8 facts about His Lordship - so here we go:

1. Lord Likely has one testicle larger than the other.
2. He calls the larger testicle 'Pitt the Elder' and the smaller one 'Pitt the Younger.'
3. At public school, he crippled a teacher with nothing more than a stick of chalk.
4. His 'Lord Palmerston' is the only penis in history to have been knighted by the Queen, for 'Services to Procreation'.
5. He used to have a dog called 'The Iron Duke', but it died after being humped to death by a horse.
6. Lord Likely has never been to Scotland, fearing it to be a place of 'wild, feral beast-men'.
7. His lordship has a tattoo of Queen Victoria on his left bum-cheek.
8. Every time his Lordship sees the number '8', he gets a massive erection, as the figure looks rather like a voluptuous, curvy woman.

There you go. Fascinating, yes?

I would now like to (rather lazily) tag five more people, for not only the '8 facts...' meme, but also to also receive the awards mentioned above. SO: they are...

Nurse Myra - the naughtiest nurse I have ever come across (not literally, of course!)
The Domestic Minx - you have to love this decadent dame. I know I do!
Naked Mad Hatter - as mad as a...well, hatter.
Adventures of Lady Laura - a woman after my own heart.
Mattress Police - just because being tagged will drive Mr. Diesel CRAZY - with hilarious results!

Whew! What a lot of business. Talking of business, for a glimpse behind the crazy, glitzy world of Hollywood showbusiness, please enjoy Suck My Hollywood, a new venture from gaup Enterprises, inc. It'll certainly open your eyes!

Well, that is quite enough. I am off to polish my award, which is in no way a euphemism for masturbating.

See you all soon!

- Prof. Julian Syngen-Smythe.